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Why a stove or a fireplace that is produced in Latvia should be chosen?
Long-term local experience
For 15 years already we have been working with stoves and fireplaces and during this time we have managed to explore and try out many different aids and methods as well it has given us the possibility to realize all conditions in our country. This incredible experience in the basis of our production that are 100% suitable for our climate and our needs.
Local manufacture
As our manufacture is located in Latvia, then it is almost impossible that some of the products could be out of stock – every kind of stoves and fireplaces can be produced within a day or two without losing a bit of its high quality. Moreover, the prices of our products do not include shipping costs as they do not have to be shipped from faraway lands – everything is already here.
Most optimal prices for high quality products
Our primary client is an inhabitant of Latvia and our price politics states that everybody should be able to have high quality fireplaces and stoves for reasonable price.
Possibility to choose the necessary
There are standard models in our range of products but as our manufacture is located in Latvia, then every client is able to choose and compile optimal product to meet all necessities and wishes. This is a unique possibility to be a constructor and designer of your own fireplace or stove.
Choose 100% quality