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Fireplace insert "Lotus" with damper and collector

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Fireplace insert "Lotus" with damper and collector
informācija un tehniskie parametri
685x420x710 mm
dūmvada izeja
200 mm
stikla izmērs
550x376x4 mm
Nominālā jauda 12kW
90 kg
You need the cheapest cast iron fireplace insert in the world that is thin as a paper, light as a feather and meant to be looked at and with lifelong guarantee but only if it is never used? We do not have such!
Combining our 15 years of experience on fireplace furnace distribution in our region, for our climate conditions and construction traditions we have reached one conclusion – things that are useful in the countries with +10 degree “frost” and where you heat the fireplace with paraffin and catalytic powder that does not emit heat, is completely useless here.
Fireplace insert Lotus is simple and safe solution for fireplaces that are not being used every day and are not the main heating source for large space though combining it with heat accumulating veneer it can be good solution for heating small and medium spaces. Thanks to the special shape of the furnace we have reached high burning efficiency as well as it is possible to enjoy the flames.
And in addition we have developed some variations – with split doors, with heat exchange, as well as the version with in-built hot air distribution system collector.
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