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Fireplace insert AQUA 15

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Fireplace insert AQUA 15
informācija un tehniskie parametri
720x740x440 mm
dūmvada izeja
stikla izmērs
550x376x4 mm
130 kg
There are many solutions to maintain warmth in your house. You can use stove, you can use hot air distribution system as well as central heating. All of them have its pluses but they all are still available. None of them is much better than others to be the only one people would choose. But the central heating is definitely the most popular for private houses and apartment blocks.
But there is one big minus for all this. And it is the wish to have a fireplace in your home that would give the place some life. Heating plant cannot be the soul of the house regardless what is being used as the fuel.
Luckily, this problem can be solved as there are stoves that can be connected to central heating. We must admit that this solution is very popular because it saves place and heating costs. Of course we could not stay aside from this issue and as a result we have developed a wide range of products for which the connection to the central heating is optional. We tested it, people liked it but we lacked some amplitude. Option is just an option mainly meant for small and medium size spaces as parallel connection and so on. So we also needed real thing meant just for that. Of course we could take some other product, change something and announce it as ours but we developed our own. We knew that it has to look well, it has to meet certain standards, it has to be simple but effective. And even more we had to combine the visions with the reality and its requirements. Nevertheless, we did it and we have the honour to present you the new central heating solution – furnace Aqua!
Why is it so excellent? New Aqua now is available with output of 15 and 25 kW but we are working to develop also other output possibilities. It has an elegant cast iron door frame and the doors can be one piece or two. The model with split doors has several design solutions. Nobody else offer such option. But much more important is the technical side. The case of the furnace and the heat exchanger have been made of special alloy steel that is compatible with high temperatures. This solution is very important for central heating furnace because this steel has not only excellent heat emission but also resistance to temperature changes and water. But the most essential is hidden inside the furnace. The inner construction where the water runs and where it is heated. It has to be pressure and heating resistant and with effective distribution function. Actually the construction of this furnace was a challenge for our engineers but our success has inspired us to continue our work in this field.
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