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Super set! Fireplace veneer Rundāle + fireplace insert Lotus

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Super set! Fireplace veneer Rundāle + fireplace insert Lotus
informācija un tehniskie parametri
140x70x112 cm
dūmvada izeja
180 mm
445 kg
Classic design fireplace veneer for reasonable price – it is impossible? Wrong! The fireplace veneer Rundāle is a simple but tasteful solution for classic interiors. It is a traditional brick pattern veneer. Why is it so special? Because it can be combined with all 700mm furnaces, including the models with guillotine, central heating and other options. A bit because it is developed according to our new innovative technologies that demand special ingredients and fitting. And of course because the veneer is made of lego type block that can be put together all by yourself. But mostly it is special because the veneer even if it looks so classical can accumulate heat including the upper shelf. It is made of the same special stone grout hat contains 21 components which is used for all construction blocks for our best accumulating fireplace. It also has the stainless steel mesh. We also offer an option for the upper part of the veneer – ready-made convection block that substitutes all upper part of the fireplace. Usually this part is a very complicated construction made of iron profiles, ģipškartons and insulation materials and it is impossible to make it without some help of professional craftsman. Our solution consists of convection case made of metal panels that is painted according to your wishes. Decompression chamber and bars are built in the construction so there is no issue about the layout.
But the most important – we have combined all this with absolutely fantastic price offer and we want to prove that the producer can really offer something so special. Exactly – power model has power price! Slogan is not new but it is real.
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